We develop, manufacture and install vacuum system.

Contact us if you are interested in a new system or want to rebuild an old system f to increase speed and reliability. We always build the system after your needs.

By making "installation kits" where the pump and its electrical steering is integrated, the system can easely be sent. The kits makes it possible for a local firm to install the system in cooperation with Önnereds Svets.

Vacuum Pumps / Freqvency Control
We always adopt the pump size after customer needs. Through our own developed fourway valve and freqvency control we have comed up with a system to get the most out of the pump both in pumping capacity and lifetime.

We are using Samson Pumps in our system and store the most common pump sizes in our workshop for fast delivery.

Vacuum Tanks
The vacuum tanks are manufactured in stainless steel. The tanks are designed after customer needs and to fit the fishing vessel the best way.
We deliver systems with one, two or three vacuum tanks depending on the requirements from the customer.