Önnereds SvETS SINCE 1981

Önnereds Svets was started by Hans-Erik Pettersson and his son Erik Petterson. In the beginning, the business was mainly based on repairs of fishing boats in the port of Önnered.
We developed the swivel for an easier fish hose handling for the fisherman. The swivel has been further developed and is today one of our most popular products.


Our first manufactured 1-tank system was installed on Danö GG 206. The vacuum systems facilitated and made fish handling on board more efficient.


We developed our 2-tank system to increase pumping capacity for larger pelagic fishing boats. The first installation was on Torland.


In 1997, a larger property was bought in Fiskebäck's harbor. Coming to a bigger port has made us come closer larger boats and jobs have been able to be carried out with better efficiency on site in the port.


Our first 3-tank system is delivered to Rockall in Skagen. The system was created to obtain a constant gentle flow when unloading to the factory or onto a truck. Today it is our most sought-after product and many have chosen this solution when new boats are to be built.

Önnereds Svets celebrates 40 years and the founder Hans-Erik Pettersson (87 years old) is still here every day.

We are delivered our first 3-tank system for transporting live fish to Skagen Salmon's land-based salmon farm in Skagen.