pilk/fiSH machinE

We on Önnereds svets are the Swedish retailer of Belitronic fish machines. Belitronic has ever since the start 1973 been selling machines in over 80 countries. BJ5000 has since 1994 been sold in over 8000 samples. Now they are launching the next generation of BJ5000, called EX.
Belitronics fishing equipment produces a selective and cost-effective fishing..

We store rollers, pulleys, cables and spare parts.

We on Önnereds Svets has a good knowlege of the machines and can do all the needed reparations.

We manufacture unhooking boxes and chute according to customer needs. We also manufacture semi-finished products as the customer can assemble-yourself.

Fore more information or odering please contact:
Erik 0705-690504
Matilda 0708-341447