We develop and manufacture vacuum systems for transporting live fish.

Efficiency and quality

Önnereds Svets's 3-tank vacuum system is designed to combine a very good capacity with gentle fish handling. By creating a constant calm flow, the fish is in the system for as short a time as possible while not being exposed to unnecessary influence from too strong flow rates. Through this optimization and full utilization of the volume of the pipes, efficient and gentle pumping can be carried out, which our customers appreciate when large quantities of fish have to be transported in their facilities every year.

Custom flow speed

Different fish require different speeds of the flow when the fish is transported. Önnered Svets's system therefore comes as standard with frequency control where you can set a flow adapted to the particular fish you are transporting.


Önnereds Svets is with you throughout the project. From the idea stage and 3-D drawing of the systems to construction, commissioning and support so you can feel safe. Through VPN and other cooperation programs, we can adjust and help you with project planning and  system support from a distance, wherever you are in the world. 

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